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Meal Prep Pro

Meal Prep, Made Easy.

DESIGNED TO PERFORM – Tired of scraping your food all over your kitchen counter? The design incorporates a precision food funnel that will get 100% of your food into whatever container, skillet or pot you are aiming for.

100% CONSCIOUS – Organic Bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-conscious natural resource that exhibits antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Rest assured knowing this product is Formaldehyde-Free. The food-safe silicon feet are anti-slip and elevated to prevent unwanted contact with your kitchen surface.

FEATURES – Pairing the natural and responsible material of premium grade bamboo with the bright and contrasted non-slip silicone supports, you’re sure to have a functional piece of art that stands out in any kitchen. The extra large and moderately thick bamboo cutting board is more knife friendly than plastic, glass, acacia, teak and maple when prepping produce, meat or bread. The chopping board is reversible to prevent cross contamination: one side for meat and the other for produce. 


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