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Folly Pop

A tipsy take on the classic Merry-Go-Round

Loosen up that Bolo tie, de-cuff those links, let your hair down from that sock bun and let loose. Folly POP is a play-thing that seeks to buoy your sense of wonder and interaction. Feeling a bit tipsy?

MATERIAL - COLOR - PLUSH: the tactile surface of the vessel’s interior cabin consists of plush, saturated fabric to snuggle up against for those moments of respite during a day of play. Vibrant colors enlighten your trip to wherever your playful spirit takes you.

STRUCTURE: the primary structure of the seating vessel consists of concentric, interlocking serial ribs. Secondarily, ruled surfaces surround the structural ribs creating a surface-active skin. Displaced circular rings create angles of “tilt” that revolve around a dynamic center point (changing based on one’s position on the form).

MOVEMENT: the corporeal form of Folly POP corresponds to the size, shape, positioning and amount of the user/s. Characters wide or narrow, long or short, peripheral or centered; all have a unique interactive engagement with the play thing.

iD_Folly Pop_01.jpg
iD_Folly Pop_02.jpg
iD_Folly Pop_03.jpg
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