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Dandy Lion

Houston, TX

The Dandy Lion seeks to establish a distinctly deep atmosphere of abundant surface variation and corporeal affect.  It’s attenuated mechanical presence prods users into engaging the pulsing saturation of color and tactile surface.  These ambitions, along with some unexpected delights, foreground the overall figural qualities with aesthetic refinement of an otherwise under-appreciated socio-cultural commodity: the umbrella.

The umbrella unit presents the following opportunities: it’s mechanics are based on geometric recursion of a triangulated field, the ability to transition between two dimensional tessellation and three dimensional polygons, and an ambidextrous extension allowing for varied scalar shifts and packing configurations.  The Dandy Lion utilizes the umbrella’s capacity for differentiation to achieve a mane of haptic field effects.

Installation_Dandy Lion_01.jpg
Installation_Dandy Lion_02.jpg
Installation_Dandy Lion_04.jpg
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